IT Support

MTI Business Services is about making a positive difference to you and your business.

We have strategically aligned our services to provide for the IT needs of small to medium business.

We understand that your IT systems are an essential part of your business and we provide the mechanisms to ensure you get value out of your investment.

Our measure of success includes the way we provide our services. Our aim is to provide more than an IT service, we strive to provide the best service with a value set that we are not afraid to live by. Therefore we reflect our stance in our business name;


MTI Business Services:

M — Morals, Mission, Mentoring

T — Truth

I — Integrity

We consider our clients as partners and know that their success directly impacts ours!

MTI Business Services is a one-stop shop outsourced IT experience covering Desktop Management, Server Management, Network Management & Cloud Management.


IT Support Plans

Your business can choose from 4 customisable support plans designed to deliver peace of mind, productivity & profit.

Contact Us to find more out about our FundamentalEssential, Performance and Dynamic packages.

Traditional IT Support can also be obtained on an ad-hoc hourly basis, however in keeping with the desire to become an integral part of your business, those on a managed service plan will not only receive the monitoring and maintenance that comes with a managed service, they will also experience a prioritised response to requests.